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1 Day Until The End Of SouthFront


SouthFront will have to stop its work in 1 day or significantly decrease its activity.

Since June 1, 66% of the minimum monthly budget has been collected.

1 Day Until The End Of SouthFront



Account: southfront@list.ru

1 Day Until The End Of SouthFront

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1 Day Until The End Of SouthFront

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1 Day Until The End Of SouthFront


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1 Day Until The End Of SouthFront

1 Day Until The End Of SouthFront 1 Day Until The End Of SouthFront 1 Day Until The End Of SouthFront 1 Day Until The End Of SouthFront 1 Day Until The End Of SouthFront


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  • Barbar

    So, this aggressive cyber-begging will end tomorrow? That’s great news!

    • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

      dont bother with the site if you dont like how they do things.

      • Akabarbar

        Certainly I would never donate a plugged nickel to this cheapass RussianFront organisation which has from the outset consistently undermined Syrian national sovereignty (same as Putin and Lavrov verbally do since 2011 at every opportunity) by adopting the filthy propaganda lingo of the NATO-imperialist and House-Arab régime-changers, in that it legitimises their FSA puppets as “opposition” or “rebels” whereas AQ/HTS are referred to as “terrorists”. In fact, according to Syrian law, they are indistinguishable and both to be treated identically, i.e. to a lead salad.

        Could you please explain (A) why alleged Russian “allies” would (treacherously against SAA/Assad) make this fateful distinction and (B) why Putin foolishly invited the Turkish armed forces into Idlib in the first place, since he is now proving extremely incapable of removing these same “chums” who never tire of bombing his airbase with JI-Joe drones?

  • Deputy John

    Putin will pay for it! He’s a great supporter of South Front. The check is in the mail.

    • PZIVJ

      You crazy cat.
      Also Assad should send in a donation. :)

    • Thank you for the news. Now, we know the Kremlin at least knows that SouthFront exists. Did you speak with Mr.Putin personally? Are Russian mainstream media outlets going to lift ban on reports based on SouthFront coverage? So far, Western media organizations like Politico have released more reports about SouthFront work than the entire Rusisan media and blogosphere.
      Sincerely yours,
      SF Team

      • Wanklord

        SF Team: your marketing technique to make some money while asking for donations is obsolete and more visitors now realize that most of your articles seem to be just copy/paste – and recycled in many instances – from other pro-Russian sites (i.e. ZeroHedge, VT Today, Unz Review, The Saker, etc).
        Apparently many Putin-cheerleaders and russophiles (including some disenfranchised Americans who hate their own country) who frequent this site cannot longer afford more donations to SouthFront, simply because money is too tight and there are other priorities in life that cannot be left unattended (food, shelter, clothing, etc).

  • Ronald

    Despite ‘Wanlord’ and his unhappy thoughts, SF you should know that you are appreciated, and loved by many. No time to stop now, we have a world to aid.
    Your pen is mightier than their swords.