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1.02.2016 Crisis News

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Russia is preparing to test the next-generation Su-35S fighters for the first time in combat in Syria. “The General Staff has decided to run a field test of the brand-new Su-35S in Syria for the first time ever,” a military source told a Russian newspaper, Kommersant, on Monday.

According to the reports, US and UK authorities are piling pressure on Libya to take in 1,000 British troops, allegedly to bolster its defenses against ISIS militants. French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian warned in December that ISIS was expanding inward from the northern Libyan coast under its control. This could trigger a new wave of migration into Europe.

The leader of “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) – a German Eurosceptic, anti-migration party – has said that police should have the right to use firearms, if necessary, to prevent migrants and refugees from crossing the German border illegally.

The US State Department confirmed Friday that Hillary Clinton’s unsecured personal server contained top-secret information. Following the revelations, there will most likely be some type of criminal liability.

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