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09.11.2015 Military Report of Novorossia

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The situation in DPR has been slowly getting worse. The settlements of Zhabunki, Ozeryanovka and Panteleymonovka and thee area of “Volvo Center” in Donetsk were fired with mortars of 82 mm calibre from the positions of the Ukrainin Armed Forces at the sector of the Troitskoe settlement. The Zaitsevo, Shirokaya Balka settlements around Gorlovka also came under fire.

Over the past week the DPR military have recorded 93 violations of the ceasefire regime with mortars and MRLS use. More than 310 mortar shells of 82 mm and 61 MRLS BM-21 “Grad” projectiles of 120 mm calibre were fired on the settlements of the republic. The OSCE documented the reports about these facts.

Four Ukrainian units of D-30 were observed in the area of Luganskoe settlement and the positions of 2 units of MRLS BM-21 “Grad” were obsrved in the town of Dzerzhinsk.

Also, the DPR intelligence detected the location of 4 self-propelled artillery systems just near the settlement of Novgorodskoe and the arrival of battle tanks T-64 “Bulat” in the settlement of Krasnogorovka.

Separately, the LPR forces report that there haven’t been any violations of the ceasefire at the LPR contact line.

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