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09.09.2015 Military Report of Novorossia

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Since last night, the situation has become acute at the contact line. The clashes renewed in the sector of Butovka-Spartak. Firegihts were observed at Gorlovka. Sporadic artilelry and mortar shellings were reportedly observed at the most part of the contact line inlcuding Donetsk Airport and Donetsk.

Also, the situation became tense in the South of DPR. The settlement of Sahanka came under fire of Ukrainian forces from the direction of Shirokino.

The Ministry of Defense of DPR reports that “a high number’ of pro-Kiev raid forces work at the DPR terrotiry.

12 units of self-propelled artillery guns of Kiev forces were detected at the settlement of Donskoe. 15 Ukrainian self-propelled artillery guns additionally arrived to the sector of Mariupol.

2 pro-Kiev militants were killed and 2 were injured as result of firefight between Ukrainian brigade 128 and so-called ‘volunteer battalions’ at the Stanica Luganskaya. Clashes for the control of smuggling of prohibited goods are constantly observed between different units of pro-Kiev forces there.

Ukrainian hacktivist group, CyberBerkut, released documents confirming a fact that Ukrainian military consciously shells schools of Donbass. The documents confirm that at least 4 Donetsk schools are constantly targeted by Kiev forces.

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