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07.10.2015 Crisis News

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Kiev not Considering Amnesty, Special Status for Donbass, Top Ukraine Official Backs Idea to Help ISIS,
Deploys Mi-24 Helicopter Gunships Near Afghan Border, Bombing of Kunduz Hospital

Kiev authorities are not considering the issues of a special status to Donbass or amnesty, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin told the country’s parliament on Wednesday. “They tried to impose on us an “amnesty list” or a special status. There will be no such things,” Klimkin stressed. The Donbas special status and amnesty are required under the Minsk agreements signed on February 12. So, despite the truth in the Donbass region, Kiev doesn’t want to impose political settlement of the conflict.

Meanwhile, Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, has shared a message from a Facebook “friend” who wants to help ISIS militants take revenge on Russian military fighting terrorists in Syria under Sharia law. Gerashchenko said he received a message on Facebook which said that “Russian propaganda channels” and Russian army in almost every report “show off” their military personnel in Syria.  “I think that their faces [on TV] will be enough, so that Islamic State militants and their supporters in Russia, the majority of whom are in the Caucasus region, could then find them and take revenge [on them] under Sharia law,” Gerashchenko wrote.

Russia’s military said it will beef up its force in Tajikistan, which neighbors Afghanistan’s Kunduz province, the site of a recent uptick in Taliban violence. The Russian grouping in Tajikistan with be strengthened by attack and military transport helicopters, the official representative of Russia’s Central Military District Yaroslav Roschupkin told journalists on Wednesday. The helicopters will be stationed at the 201st military base, in the former Soviet republic of Tajikistan, which borders Afghanistan. The base is currently located on the outskirts of Tajikistan’s capital, Dushanbe.

Violence on the Afghan side of the border escalated in recent weeks after Taliban militants seized the city of Kunduz. The US and Afghan forces conducted a powerful millitary operation to retake at least this city. Indeed, the Afghani government is hardly controling a significant part of the country. During this operation, on Saturday, the US military bombed a Medecins Sans Frontieres hospital in Kunduz. At least 22 medical staff and patients, including three children were killed. Dozens of others were wounded. Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), also known as Doctors Without Borders, demands an investigation into the bombing of their hospital calling it a war crime.

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