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06.09.2015 Military Report of Novorossia

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1 local was killed and a few of residential buildings were damaged as result of Ukrainian artillery fire against the city of Donestk from the Mariinka direction.

A man was blown up by an improvised explosive device set by pro-Kiev militants at the sector of Stannica Luganskaya. We remember, on August 31, 2 Kiev militants were killed by own improvised explosive device in the sector of Mariupol. IED set by Kiev military constantly conduct a casualties among civilians.

In the sector of Marinka, Ukrainian military tried to conduct offensive actions last night. 1 Ukrainian APC was burned because of a hot weather in Donbass. The sector is under control of Novorossian forces.

Witnesses report about the movement of Ukrainian military forces from Severodonetsk and Lisichansk to Donetsk. Also, groups of pro-Kiev militants arrived to Belokamenka.
Kiev has been continuing to move additional forces to the frontline. DPR intelligence reports that Ukrainian headquarters pulled columns of military equipment from the Izum, Kharkov region to Artemosvk and Kramotorsk.

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