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06.08.2015 Crisis News

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Ukrainian Officer who Killed 8yo Receives State Award. The US to Bomb Syrian Forces instead of Militants. Russian Paratroopers Ready to Help Syria. Kyrgyzstan Open Customs Borders to EEU.

Ukrainian Senior Lieutenant Marian Rak who drunkenly ran an armored vehicle over pedestrians, killing an 8-year-old girl earlier this year has been awarded a state medal. The military claims that President Petro Poroshenko honored the soldier for his outstanding leadership. Rak was of the two drunk Ukrainian soldiers who, driving a heavy armored vehicle, ran over three people on the sidewalk: 5-month-old baby in a stroller, 8-year-old girl Polina and their mother. Polina died on the spot, while the mother and the baby were taken to the hospital. Now, all know how to become an Ukrainian hero: drink alcohol, kill children.

The US decision to bomb Syrian government forces in order to protect US-trained moderate rebels does not require any additional legal justification, the State Department believes. Since the US-backed rebel groups in Syria are operating in the lawless area of the country, they are under the pressure from a lot of different forces,US State Department deputy spokesperson Mark Toner tried to explain the legal basis for the change in US policy. Any type of effort to protect them from Syrian forces would be defensive in nature,he claimed.Well, Syrian forces fighting terrorists are bad, militants are good.

The Russian Airborne Troops~are ready to assist Syria in countering terrorists, if such a task is set by Russias leaders, commander of the Airborne Troops Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov told reporters on Tuesday. Shamanov noted that Russia and Syria have “long-term good relations.” “Many Syrian experts, including military, received education in the Soviet Union and in Russia,” Shamanov added. We are sure Reuters has been already preparing an article about big bad Russians invading peaceful Islamic State.

The opening of the customs borders between Kyrgyzstan and the member-countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) will take place on August 6 or 7 “We have already received from Kazakhstan a copy of the ratified agreement on our countrys accession in the union,” , the central office of the Kyrgyz government reported. The Kyrgyz authorities decided to join the association, which was called the Customs Union at the time, in the spring of 2011. Last December, an agreement on Kyrgyzstan’s accession in the EAEU was signed in Moscow, and the protocols to the document were signed in May. In addition to Kyrgyzstan, the EAEU comprises Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia.

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06.08.2015 Crisis News 06.08.2015 Crisis News 06.08.2015 Crisis News 06.08.2015 Crisis News 06.08.2015 Crisis News

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