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05.10.2015 Military Report of Novorossia

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A civilian has been killed and 2 have been injured because in the recent shellings and firefights in DPR. However, the situation at the frontline remains to be stable.

Kiev’s side deployed 1500 military servicemen at the terroriry of the children’s camps and schools at the settlement of Drujkovka. Also, preparation works for deploying additional troops have been continuing. The same situation is in Konstantinovka. Schools are used for deploying pro-Kiev troops there.

Reportedly, over 400 servicemen of the US private military companies arrived Krasnogorovka around Donetsk. They are also deployed in the local children’s camp.

The Kiev’s side systematically use socially significant facilities for the military purpose. These conduct additional risks for the civilian population in the case of clashes.

2 Ukrainian servicemen were killed and 2 injured, reported representative of the pro-Kiev battalion Donbass, Evgeniy Shevchenko on October 5.

The preparations for withdrawing T-64 and T-72 tanks, antitank guns and 82-mm mortars are over in LPR. The same actions have been going in DPR. The withdrawall should start today.

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