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03.11.2015 Military Report of Novorossia

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The situation in DPR still remains complicated and tense. The Ukrainian military have violated the ceasefire 14 times over the past 24 hours. The settlement of Spartak was shelled from 82 and 120mm mortars from the positions of the so-called “volunteer battalions» deployed in the settlement of Avdeevka. Besides, the «Volvo-centre» area in Donetsk was shelled from small-arms and AGLs from the settlement of Peski.

DPR intelligence keeps recording a concentration of Ukrainian servicemen at the demarcation line. The arrival of up to 100 people of the personnel of the battalion Aydar with heavy weapons and vehicles was observed in the settlement of Rozovka.

The frequency of shellings by the Kiev forces suggests that the Ukrainian authorities have withdrawn from meeting the Minsk Agreements and do not control the actions of the Ukrainian military anymore. Besides, the facts mentioned above clearly indicate a desire to disrupt the withdrawal of mortars scheduled for the near future.

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