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03.07.15 SouthFront Daily Digest

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Greek Program, Protests in Athens, Yemeni Government, Austrians Want to Leave EU, America Spied on German Media, Euthanasia in Colombia.

  1. Tsipras Asks for 30% Debt Haircut, 20yr Grace Period

03.07.15 SouthFront Daily DigestThe only way to make Greek debt sustainable is to cut it by 30 percent and introduce a 20-year grace period, said PM Tsipras, as the landmark referendum on July 5 nears.

Tsipras’ statement comes after the IMF said Thursday that Greece would need €10 billion over the next few months and an additional €50 billion in the next three years to pay the country’s arrears. Before making any repayments, Greece would need a 20-year grace period, making the last payment no earlier than 2055, the Fund said.

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  1. Protesters Fall For “No” vote in Athens

03.07.15 SouthFront Daily DigestTens of thousands of people are set to descend on Syntagma Square in Athens to protest against further austerity measures and to encourage people to vote ‘no’ in the upcoming referendum on Sunday. The popular vote gives the Greek people the right to choose whether to accept to bailout conditions of the lending institutions.

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  1. Exiled Yemeni Government Ready to Return Home

03.07.15 SouthFront Daily DigestThe exiled Yemeni government, which is currently in Saudi Arabia, is ready to return to their homeland, to a special prepared region, Vice President of Yemen Khaled Bahah said Friday.

In January, as heavy violence escalated in Yemen between Shiite Houthi opposition insurgents and the Yemeni army, the militants captured vast territories in the country, including its capital Sanaa.

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  1. Half of Austrians Want to Leave EU – Leader of EU Exit Party

03.07.15 SouthFront Daily DigestThe leader of the Austrian EU-Austrittspartei claims that about a half of Austrians would like to leave the European Union but are afraid of the local authorities.

As of Friday, over 260,000 Austrians, or 4 percent of the electorate, had signed a petition urging Vienna to leave the union. The Austrian Parliament will now have to consider holding an EU membership referendum as the number of the petition signatories well exceeded required 100,000.

Materials of Sputnik

  1. Obama Administration Spied on German Media as well as Its Government

03.07.15 SouthFront Daily Digest

An investigation by the German parliament is publicly raising questions as to whether the Obama administration not only spied on journalists in that country but interfered in the exercise of the free press under the guise of U.S. national security.

On Thursday Wikileaks released more information presumably from that surveillance, with Merkel said “professed to be at a loss” over the Greek financial crisis, and information suggesting that the NSA was spying on German ministers in addition to Merkel. U.S. Ambassador to Germany John Emerson was summoned to meet with the Chancellery chief of staff Peter Altmaier to discuss the news.

Materials of CNN

  1. Cancer Patient Becomes Colombia’s First Legal Euthanasia Case

03.07.15 SouthFront Daily DigestA 79-year old Colombian man has become the first person in the country to die legally by euthanasia.

Ovidio Gonzalez was suffering from terminal throat cancer and said he had been suffering unbearable pain.

Colombia’s Catholic Church has said euthanasia is morally unacceptable and it has promised to close its hospitals across the country.

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Greek Program, Protests in Athens, Yemeni Government, Austrians Want to Leave EU, America Spied on German Media, Euthanasia in Colombia.

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