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01.09.2015 Military Report of Novorossia

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The main military events have been continuing to exercise on the territory of DPR. It’s based on the fact that Ukrainian military has established the main forces at the contact line there.

Firefights and artillery duels have been continuing at the Donetsk and Gorlovka sectors. However, the main clashes have been at the Volnovakha direction at Novaya Lapsa, Starognatovka and Belaya Kamenka. The initial successes of pro-Kiev militants there turned into fails fast because DPR Armed Forces pulled reinforcements there. The clashes in the Volnovakha sector showed a low moral and a lack of will to fight for the death of pro-Kiev forces one more time.

According to the official reports, Ukrainian military has lost 50 militants killed and at least 120 injured since last week. However, both sides cannot to gain the ground without the usage of mechanized units. So, the situation at the frontline hasn’t channged.

Wintesses report about the Ukrainian military column including 20 units of the military equipment at the sector of Mariupol. It means that Kiev has been continuing preparatinos for offensive actions despite the last fails on the battle ground.

The situation at the main LPR frontline sector Stannica Luganskaya, Schastie, Slavyanoserbsk is stable despite the reports of sporadic firefights. The main reserve forces are based at Slavyanoserbsk and Krymskoe. In the case of rise of violance, both sides will use the sector of Bahmutka for attempts to advance. However, accroding to repots, Kiev’s side believe that LPR Armed Forces will advance on the sector of the Artemovsk-Debaltsevo road.

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